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Height: 6' 1
Suit: 40R
Shirt: 15.5 X 34
Waist: 32/33
Inseam: 33/34
Shoe: 9
DOB: 1967 | SAG-AFTRA | Biography I was born the youngest of six kids. My father was a military man, US Marines, so I did a lot of moving as a youngster. It was good for me in the aspect of having to introduce myself to strangers a lot and trying to fit in wherever we moved. The bad part about it was if I ever came home raving about a girl I met in class I knew it wouldn't last long because we would be packing soon. That upbringing has transferred into my adult life. I have done a lot of traveling across the United States, residing in Florida, Las Vegas and of course California. I wanted to pursue acting because of the freedom it gives you to become whatever character or role you choose to portray. Life's too short to go through it as only one person with only one view.

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